Don’t stop living. Now and again life deals each of us a low blow. It knocks the wind clean out of us, and we lay there stunned. Don’t stop living because a relationship that you wanted badly ended, a job that you gave your all to laid you off, or someone you love has passed on.

Everyone hits that wall. Down the line someone will look at you and think to themselves, either, “Wow, what grace and strength. That person has been through something,” or they’ll think, “Wow. What happened to that person? Life has jacked them up.” Grief and worry will mark you as surely as will love and forgiveness. Each is clearly visible on your face.

In times of adversity allow the natural buoyancy in your spirit to carry your upward. Think of your successes, large and small, and how they swelled your breast with pride. What simple gesture once brought you joy? Be still, and remember these things as if they were but a moment ago.

The world needs your unabashed joy. Smell the flowers. Dance in the sunshine. Smile. Be joyful. Your life isn’t over. Years from now you’ll see that your destiny came from this dark moment; something you would never have, or do, or be, except that you went through that thing. Allow Providence its due. Embrace, and be grateful for every moment, every emotion, and every experience in your life.
You have Greatness within you.

-Les Brown


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