Be relentless! Decide within yourself that you won’t stop until you achieve your dream. It won’t come easy. You must be willing to go all out, and do whatever is required to make your dream become reality. Whether it’s starting all over again after a bankruptcy; reinventing yourself to create a new source of income; finding a new relationship that values and respects you as a person; or losing weight and building a strong, healthy body. All of the things that have value, meaning and possibilities require that you become relentless, unstoppable, and driven.

No one said that life would be easy. As you continue to fall forward, and fighting your way to the top, you will turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. You will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. You will convert setbacks into comebacks. So stay focused. Be creative. Team up with others if necessary. Every time you find a negative thought crossing your mind, or negative words coming out of your mouth, say to yourself, “Cancel that. I’m a winner. I was born to win.” Become resourceful and never stop looking for ways to live your dream because you have something special.

-Les Brown


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