What It Feels Like To Be With The Man Of Your Dreams

What else matters?

Thought Catalog


Behind every cynic was once a wide eyed hopeless romantic who had their hopes up until they got shot down by the same person who made them believe in the magic of love. I’ve had my heart broken so many times by the people that I’ve been infatuated with, lustful to and secretly dated in my head. But the biggest heart break I’ve experienced was with my first love. I thought he was the one, I was in love with him but after six years together and a string of overlooked red flags.. He tore my heart to pieces. I started to think, maybe love doesn’t really exist? Maybe it’s just some glorified idea made by people who are too afraid to be alone? Who needs it? I don’t. And just like that, I stopped believing.

But the universe is playful and love is stubborn, it doesn’t come to…

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