10 Quotes From Vladimir Nabokov’s Love Letters That Will Make You Pine For An Old Fashioned Romance

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Letters to VeraLetters to Vera

At 24-years-old Vladimir Nabokov wasn’t yet known as one of the most prominent and controversial Russian novelists in history. Instead he was a poet falling madly in love with 21-year-old Vera, who would later become not only his wife but one of the most important literary sidekicks. She gave up her own writing career to support her husbands and acted as Nabokov’s agent, editor, researcher, and stenographer in four languages throughout their time together.

He was so taken with Vera upon meeting her that he began writing her letters after the day they met and continued to write about her until the day he died. The quotes below are from the collection of his letters to her published last year that will make you swoon for an old fashioned romance when letter writing was still a thing.


“You came into my life—not as one comes to…

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