Lions don’t have to roar. There is power in silence, confidence and persistence. Those who work don’t talk and those who talk don’t work. Handle your business. Measure your efforts by results. Focus your time, energy and activity on mastering and executing a plan.

Avoid the energy draining practice of telling people what you’re going to do. Instead, spend your time and effort in doing the things that are necessary to accomplish your goals. Keep your focus and stay determined in order to pursue your dream. Let your work, not your words, speak for itself. You have something special…You have Greatness within you!! -Les Brown

In times of adversity, fight back! Look your problems and challenges in the eye and say “I will not be moved.” Cry tears of defiance if you must. Don’t pray that the obstacles will be removed. Pray for strength to remove them yourself. Dig down deep inside and stand firm in the face of all that is coming against you with a mindset that “victory is mine”.

Fight harder to turn your situation around. Turn up the heat. Develop a defiant attitude. Refuse to give in and surrender. Ask for help ~ not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong. You have something special…You have GREATNESS within you! -Les Brown

You have a power in you that can turn the most disastrous situation around overnight. It can turn a doctor’s terminal diagnosis into miraculous healing. It can mend and bring joy to a broken heart. It can restore everything you’ve lost ~ plus more. Keep on pushing, fighting, working, and looking for ways to win. Keep on praying and encouraging yourself.

Keep your mind fixed on your goals. Continue to be creative, resourceful and unstoppable. See your goals fulfilled! Experience the emotions of the victory; the celebration of the healing; and see the abundance that you will attract! Your breakthrough is at hand. Strike another blow. Life is on your side. Dig in, and keep your head up. Help is on the way! Quitting is not an option. Angels are being sent to back you up. Keep the faith. Cry if you must, but don’t give in. Scream! Shout! Keep on fighting for your dream until your opposition bows down to you. This is your time. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you! ~ Les Brown

If you had a choice of being who you are today for the rest of your life…would you be happy? If the answer is yes, continue to make the choices that allow your life to be purposeful and fulfilled. If the answer is no, make the conscious decision to become mindful of how you are showing up in your life, and the choices that you are making on a daily basis.

Life consists of choices and consequences. At some point in time, wherever you find yourself, you made an appointment to be there. Whether it is in your finances, relationship, health, or career… you can decide to take your life in another direction. Most people go through life letting things happen. You are different. Create your life by making things happen. You deserve!! ~ Les Brown

Be relentless! Decide within yourself that you won’t stop until you achieve your dream. It won’t come easy. You must be willing to go all out, and do whatever is required to make your dream become reality. Whether it’s starting all over again after a bankruptcy; reinventing yourself to create a new source of income; finding a new relationship that values and respects you as a person; or losing weight and building a strong, healthy body. All of the things that have value, meaning and possibilities require that you become relentless, unstoppable, and driven.

No one said that life would be easy. As you continue to fall forward, and fighting your way to the top, you will turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. You will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. You will convert setbacks into comebacks. So stay focused. Be creative. Team up with others if necessary. Every time you find a negative thought crossing your mind, or negative words coming out of your mouth, say to yourself, “Cancel that. I’m a winner. I was born to win.” Become resourceful and never stop looking for ways to live your dream because you have something special.

-Les Brown

Integrity is the bedrock of your success. It’s doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Every aspect of your life is built on this strong foundation. It’s living from a place of power that reflects your values. Integrity is living your truth, even when no one believes in you, or supports you, and the odds are stacked against you. Integrity is holding yourself to a higher standard, and demanding more of yourself than anyone can ever begin to imagine.

Integrity is giving 100% to your dreams. We’ve each heard some flash-in-the-pan success stories; tales of people and businesses that skyrocket to fame and fortune, only to plummet back into the pit of nothingness just as quickly as they had emerged from it. Master your craft, amaze your customers and honor your word as yourself. Together these principles will expand your brand, increase your wealth, and create your ultimate success. You have Greatness within you!

-Les Brown

Don’t stop living. Now and again life deals each of us a low blow. It knocks the wind clean out of us, and we lay there stunned. Don’t stop living because a relationship that you wanted badly ended, a job that you gave your all to laid you off, or someone you love has passed on.

Everyone hits that wall. Down the line someone will look at you and think to themselves, either, “Wow, what grace and strength. That person has been through something,” or they’ll think, “Wow. What happened to that person? Life has jacked them up.” Grief and worry will mark you as surely as will love and forgiveness. Each is clearly visible on your face.

In times of adversity allow the natural buoyancy in your spirit to carry your upward. Think of your successes, large and small, and how they swelled your breast with pride. What simple gesture once brought you joy? Be still, and remember these things as if they were but a moment ago.

The world needs your unabashed joy. Smell the flowers. Dance in the sunshine. Smile. Be joyful. Your life isn’t over. Years from now you’ll see that your destiny came from this dark moment; something you would never have, or do, or be, except that you went through that thing. Allow Providence its due. Embrace, and be grateful for every moment, every emotion, and every experience in your life.
You have Greatness within you.

-Les Brown